Cosmetic Surgery: Could it be a Eco-friendly?

Cosmetic surgery has a continually developing market, which has become popular among persons of all ages including young children.

Over the past few years, the cosmetic surgery industry has turned into a $ 3.4 billion dollar business in Europe alone. With Europe being the second largest market in the world coming second to the United States, one can only imagine the kind of money that goes into the cosmetic surgery industry.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

More and more people have found one reason or another to undergo some sort of cosmetic surgery (like best plastic surgery in Seattle). This could mean being treated with non-surgical procedures such as laser hair removal or Botox. Surgical procedures are another option and currently include:

Abdominoplasty – ‘tummy tuck’ surgery
Mammoplasty – breast implant surgery
Buttock augmentation – includes fat removal, implant inserts or a ‘butt lift’.
Rhinoplasty – nose reconstruction

Niche for Eco-Friendly Surgery

With the number of patients continuously increasing and the age bracket of patients growing wider, there is a definite need to ensure that cosmetic surgery is eco-friendly, especially because of its large energy and waste impact.

A large portion of the population are very ‘earth conscious’ and wish to prevent depletion of the natural resources and harm that cosmetic surgery, as a whole could inflict on the environment. Toxins found inside breast implants include xylenes and Freon, which have been proven to harm the environment.

Knowing Where the Products Come From

While patients undergo cosmetic surgery, they have no idea where the products have come from. The treatments could have been tested upon animals for example and in most cases they are. Patients aren’t aware of where the waste from these proceedings (such as the excess fats removed during liposuction) would be disposed of either.

Green Cosmetic Surgery Practices

In order to try and make cosmetic surgery more eco-friendly, a number of cosmetic surgery centres, companies and enthusiasts have taken the initiative to turn their practices ‘green’.

Some of these methods only seem well thought out on paper and yet lack any practical validation while others are still more or less in their infant stages of development.

Some cosmetic surgery clinics and centers have taken up some simple eco-friendly efforts to improve their facilities such as:

  • Use of paperless recording systems
  • Use of furnishings made of recycled content
  • Eco-friendly Energy Star rated equipment
  • Use of large glass doors and windows that let in more natural light.All these efforts are commendable, however, they do not completely ensure that cosmetic surgery is as green as it ought to be.
Green Frauds

Many other specialists promise eco-friendly procedures, However, when thoroughly inspecting and monitoring practices promising this it was found that ordinary procedures were still being maintained. The typical procedures do not in any way promote wellness of the environment

The Future of Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Surgery

With more and more people joining the campaign to go green and apply only eco-friendly guidelines to their day to day lives, cosmetic surgery will seem less acceptable in the face of many. Until procedures, products and facilities can be fully developed and become eco-friendly, our environment is still at risk of harm and destruction from the added toxins found within many cosmetic products.

Guidelines and policies are currently under development to ensure that some sort of initiative is taken. As the environment is already in a dire state these policies are designed so that the environment is not harmed from the products and facilities used in cosmetic surgery.


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