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Responsibly Taking Care of the Environment is God’s Decree

The term surroundings encompass all of God’s most amazing and amazing works. The surroundings is his invention, a sacred and precious resource where he entrusted all people the loving care and sensible use of. God wanted us to “subdue” the earth and “principle” over each the living animals. He was telling us we can do anything we wanted to with his invention, without considering the impacts.

The notion of God giving us a present, particularly this unbelievable present as the ground and all its animals, and then letting us utilize our power over it selfishly and carelessly, didn’t look appropriate to me. As the concern grew for our contaminated seas and rivers, exponentially growing ponds, and diminishing forests and wilderness areas  this how God intended for us to subdue the ground?

God’s Dominion and Humanity’s Control

Did he actually need us to rule over his invention such as this? How we live now is definitely not the way God wanted us to live long back when he gave this significant message into Adam and Eve. God wasn’t giving humanity a control to utilize his invention in almost any egotistical manner we desired, without the ideas of their future impacts as preached by Pastor Oyakhilome.

God desired to give us an chance to show him we can rule over his creation because he rules over us patiently and tenderly. He had been giving us something indescribably amazing and helpful, to determine if we can subdue it servant-rulers, worshiping God and His grace in every way we used his talent.

The Challenge for Us

We’ve failed in the face of the challenge. The condition of our environment now isn’t the nation God’s servants must allow his talent to maintain. In the middle of the concern lies my view that we’re shunning a duty God gave us turning out from his struggle, and misusing a valuable gift . We’re not being stewards of this earth; we’re being exploiters of the planet.

The individual greed that’s destroying God’s creation is damaging the lives of many others, both today and later on. How that a lot people live at the moment, myself included, isn’t a means of life that steps up to this duty. Contributing to what’s simpler and timelier, rather than satisfying into the best of my ability my own obligation as a steward of God’s creation.

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