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Instagram as a platform for effective Environmental campaigns

The Online world has more to it than just endless posts of random pictures and posts. From here the fame of Instagram has made the art of photography an everyday use, as people follow influencers who present them with photographs of extraordinary spots unbothered by the modern world while sharing their snaps of almost anything about their lives.

Where can you download Instagram photos? Where can you upload some and just collect reactions? More than being just another digital platform in this generation our love for social media just another way Instagram can help save the environment through posting and sharing images that can reveal the reality of our environment and the habitats that it has in it and so much more if we just advocate ourselves to use this application towards its greater limits.

Instagram can be More Than Just Random Images

Instagram lets influencers interact with their followers and respond to different reactions to the posts that they make. Animals, Environment, and landscape images are consistently being patronized by viewers, especially when they have a story to tell. And so, influencers actually have the power to make use of this platform to spread awareness or start a campaign on how to be more aware and helpful towards the environment.

In 2014, NGOs in Malaysia found that photographs of nature “can help in finding solutions to some of the world’s most concerning environmental issues”. If a picture tells a thousand words, perhaps the best way to showcase concern and awareness is through a platform that focuses on image sharing.

Another thing that Instagram advocates on are celebrities that make use of their application for them to connect to their followers and spread an environmental message that they have. Especially now that celebrities can communicate directly with their fans, and that too can present opportunities for environmental campaigns.

Critics have said that liking a Facebook or Instagram post or signing an online petition involves little effort and has no power for direct action. But the thing is, even a direct action at times does not prove effective at all, and so it is in these collective little efforts that we may find greater ends to the mean of these environmental issues. The key for charities and celebrities is to work out how to use their popularity to get people to be aware and raise a wider spread for concern around the world.

So, the next time you post a trip or a landscape photo on your Instagram feed, try adding a caption that denotes awareness and campaigns for the love that our environment surely is in need of.

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